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Under the Microscope #003 what drives me

What drives us? What makes us move? Why do we get up in the morning?

Is it to explore something new? Is to discover something you've never seen before?

Maybe there's this promotion right around the corner.

Maybe you thought it was all about the journey, or was it about the destination?

Either way you'll realize that it's just you, your thoughts, your dreams, your aspirations.

Is this what motivates you?

Knowing that you just did something incredibly difficult -

You did something that no one else wanted to do.

Or maybe you just want to be recognized.

You want to be taken seriously

You want to prove to people that with hard work, dedication and persistence

your goals can be achieved.

Perhaps there's someone in your life that you want to provide for,

Take them by the hand, lead by example. Show them the way.

Or maybe you do it for the love, maybe it’s just about helping others

Making an impact.

Showing them

That you want to be the change in their lives.

And if life ever knocks you down.

Don’t worry. Just pick yourself up.

Dust yourself off.

And get back after it.

Motivation makes a person who they are and what they stand for. It is a huge part of what drives my everyday actions. I couldn't always find motivation to help me accomplish tasks that I didn't have a passion for and I didn't always understand why I wasn't able to be good at certain things versus others. It's not until we're older, or if you've had the good fortune of coming across good references like parents, teachers, mentors, siblings, or peers who were highly motivated, ambitious and dedicated then you were lucky to get a close-up on what makes a person so unique and interesting. How motivation can play a tremendous role in our development as our path in life unfolds. It is our interests and our passions, or fears and insecurities that can really drive our actions or inaction.

In my life, physical therapy and improving health have been the main motivations for how I choose to live my life. I find that in order to help guide someone back onto the right course, I must dig deep into their life and find out what motivates them and what drives them in life. It is here where I can begin to uncover the best path for me to help them accomplish their goals, improve their movements, and release from their life any stressors or potential contributing factors that are negatively impacting their life to provide them with an ideal environment from which to forward and take the steps needed for success.

Remember, if you don't move it, you lose it! So get after it folks!

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