We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our clients, community, and staff members through these times. Due to the most recent COVID-19 updates, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment. We are now offering Telehealth Services to our patients, which allows continued access to our licensed physical therapists to ensure that you continue to move and feel better. Contact us today to learn more about your Telehealth options.

E-vists for Medicare Patients: 

If you are a Medicare patient, Medicare has recently approved e-visits once every 7 days. Patients can now reach out to their therapist to have a weekly check in via telehealth. Call us today to schedule your telehealth visit!

Combine Wellness + Stretch

- 1 on 1 video consulting

- Personalized movement analysis

- 6 30 min sessions / month

- Custom workouts and training log

- Health and wellness consulting

- Price: $200

- Custom Program with notes

- Personalized movement analysis

- 6 30 min sessions / month

- Price: $250


Stretch Therapy

Reaching new levels

Carefully Guided through
Pain Free
Range of Motion


Single Session (30min): $40

Senior (65+): $30

Package of 5 (30min): $175

Package of 10 (30min): $300

Reiki Treatment

Athletic Training

Training Beyond the Finish Line

Injury Prevention
Strength & Conditioning
Load Management
Power, Speed, Agility
Visual Reflex Coordination


Evaluation: $150

Single Session (30min): $85

Package of 5 (30min): $375

Package of 10 (30min): 700$



Senior (65+): $60

Senior Package of 5 (30min):  $275

Senior Package of 10 (30min): $500

Physical Therapy

Personalized 1 hour session

Full Body Assessment + Movement Analysis

Custom Treatment Plan

Soft Tissue / Joint Health Management

Functional Strength / Cardio Training Program

Education on: Healing process, stress management, taking care after the care.


Evaluation: $150

Single Session (30min): $85

Package of 5 (30min): $400

Package of 10 (30min): $775

Sports Injury

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