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1 on 1 for fun with Frederick and Justin Round 2

Last time we played, we were so eager to just play some basketball that we didn't really stretch. I was really sore and stiff the following few days.

This time around, to prevent all that, we did a little bit of warming up, some dynamic warm ups and static/dynamic stretches to get ourselves going. I've been working on these dynamic warm ups because according to the research, they help with the vertical jump and long jump. Frederick was kind enough to share some new one's I haven't seen before. It's great to share, collaborate and get new ideas.

This time around: I wanted to attack at the rim, work on pull up jumpers, and step back mid-range and make my 3 pointers go down.

Next week: I wanna work on my defense by denying position, stripping the ball before a shot gets up and contesting shots by actually getting vertical. On offense: my shots need to come down and working on finishing lay ups from all positions.

Game 1:

Frederick: 8

Justin: 11

Game 2:

Frederick: 2

Justin: 11

Game 3:

Frederick: 12

Justin: 2

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