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1 on 1 for fun with Frederick and Justin 3

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Here we go, this time around we did a lot more chatting and catching up prior to playing. I had to do a lot more warming up and stretching just to get started.

Frederick was already waiting for me and making shot after shot. I knew it was gonna be a tough day, but I did what I could to get my body ready to go and even took a few games to get warmed up.

Frederick is too good if he's been given too much space. When he gets low, he is more explosive, and if he can use that to get the first step on me, he's gone.

I'm only keeping myself in the game as long as I can make shots, and if I'm going to win, it's gonna be through my defense.

Game 1:

Frederick: 14, 7/13 FGM, 3 Blocks

Justin: 12, 5/14 FGM, 1 Steal

Game 2:

Frederick: 12, 6/11 FGM

Justin: 8, 3/9 FGM, 1 Block, 1 Steal

Game 3:

Frederick: 8, 4/14 FGM

Justin: 12, 6/21 FGM, 4 Steals

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