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National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month. I'm a little late celebrating because I recently found out! It's always a good time to seek out the help of a physical therapist. But make sure they're the right one for you!

I'm humbled by the feedback I've received from my patients and will continue to give what I call the intangible gift: TLC or time, love and care. I believe that my patients will get better and it's my goal to get them where they want to be. I let them know that I am giving 110% of my time, effort and focus when I am with them.

I've learned that it's not always about what you do, but how you do it. Work smarter, not harder. Look to empower and build strength within. When I work with patients I keep these things in mind because I know that if I can teach them how to move and take care of their body, they will feel more prepared with how to handle their body the next time something happens. If they see that I'm invested in them, they will work even harder to work for themselves.

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