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1 on 1 for fun with Frederick and Justin 4

Here's this week's edition of F v J 4.

I got a full-serving and then some of a complete ass whooping. Frederick uses his size, length and shooting touch to put game 3 away. We both struggled to find our shot in game 1 and I managed to get the right hand lay-ups going in game 2.

Frederick made some great adjustments and forced me left which translated into a stomp in game 3.

Two more weeks until our final match up before the year ends!

Game 1:

Frederick 12, 6/24 FGM

Justin 2, 1/17 FGM

Game 2:

Frederick 8, 4/15 FGM

Justin 12, 6/16 FGM

Game 3:

Frederick 12, 6/12 FGM, 1 Steal

Justin 0, 0/7 FGM, 1 Steal

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