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Through online (telehealth) appointments, you can start or continue with therapy from the comfort of your own home. AIM Physical Therapy is doing what it can to make your care even more accessible. Start with a free telehealth consultation visit today! 

We understand that you are more than just pain and symptoms. AIM Physical Therapy sees you as a whole person and approaches your care with a focus on treating the causes of your pain. We practice improved function through restoration of tissue quality, and gaining functional mobility, and strengthening what's weak. 

Tissue health is extremely important. We offer various healing modalities such as:

  • Normatech Compression and Cooling Recovery System

  • Hypervolt, DMS, RRT, power plate for vibration therapy

  • Low-level-light therapy / Cold Laser


Fitness achievements are accomplished with carefully designed strength programs that take into consideration having optimal movement patterns, focus on strengthening what's weak and flexible enough to where you can still work out even on one of your worst days.

1 on 1 assessments and detailed scouting report are available!

Our Mission

Here at AIM Physical Therapy, we look to empower our clients by using the Applied Functional Science approach to identify and address the cause of the problem. By centering our treatments around the principles of Applied Functional Science, we conduct a comprehensive assessment that leads to a unique individual treatment plan that uses the latest science to help our clients reach success.

Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive assessment that is thorough and will evaluate your biomechanics, functional movement patterns, and identify any impairments that may be contributing to your symptoms. 

Individualized Plan of Care

Based on the evaluation, we provide individualized treatment plans that will help you reach your goals.

Latest Physical Therapy

We stay up to date on the latest physical therapy and integrate the most advanced techniques and evidence based practice into your treatments.

Why Choose Us?

At AIM Physical Therapy, we can relate, empathize and understand what it feels like to be injured. Based on personal experience We are committed to helping you return to better than before by educating our clients  using the latest physical therapy and focusing on the cause not the symptom. What's most important is that  As a person whoand what it takes to . 

We look beyond the injury and treat the whole person.

Located in Arcadia and services the San Gabriel Valley.

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1021 E. Walnut St. Suite 101

Pasadena, CA, 91106 

Inside 626 Fitness

1321 S. Shamrock Ave

Monrovia, CA, 91016 

Inside Foothill Physique Studio

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Sport Specific Training, Speed and Power with Active Recovery, Muscle Coordination and Conditioning


The supporting hands of a licensed professional to help guide you to new ranges of motion.

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